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Cyclonic storm in the Indian Ocean

Recently, the butterfly in the Bay of Bengal and the cyclonic storm Luban in Arabian Sea developed into the Indian Ocean region. By the estimated route, the butterfly cyclone collided with the Gopalpur coast in Odisha. The speed of the storm was 145-150 km / h during the collision.

Notable point
§  The intense cyclone Lubaan was active in the Arabian Sea and it did not affect any coast of India, while on the other hand, the butterfly cyclone collided on the shores of Odisha and northern Andhra Pradesh.
§  Such mighty cyclonic storms rarely arise in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.
§  The butterfly is named by Pakistan while Oman of Lubna is done by Oman.
§  The active intra-tropical convergence area (ITCZ) had started moving towards the coast towards the south. This was the main factor behind the bustling sea. Both cyclones were the sub-basins of this ITCZ.
§  In addition, the Madden-Julian osalation (MJO) was also near the Indian Ocean.
Inland Tropical convergence area (ITCZ)

§  Inland tropical convergence area or ITCZ ​​is circular area near Earth, on the equator. This is the area on Earth, where the commercial winds of the northern and southern hemispheres, i.e. northeast trade winds and southeast commercial winds, are found in one place.
§  The sun’s intense temperature and warm water on the equator warming the air in ITCZ ​​increases its humidity, making it a buoyant. Due to convergence of commercial winds, it starts rising upwards.
§  The air rising upwards spreads and cools down, causing frightening storms and heavy rains.
Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO)

§  Maden-Julian oscillation is a tropical circulation and a major fluctuation in the rain that progresses along the equator, and in the span of 30-60 days the whole globe is circled.
§  Therefore MJO is a moving system of wind, cloud and pressure. As soon as it revolves around the equator, the rain starts.
§  This incident was named after two scientists Roland Maden and Paul Julian who discovered it in 1971.
Sources: The Hindu

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